The Perfect Chocolate Gift

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The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Chocolate can be the perfect gift for an occasion, and you have a huge variety of options when it comes to chocolate presents.

Types of Chocolate Gifts

There are so many options for giving a chocolate gift, since there are different types of gifts. You can go with a standard box of milk chocolate or dark chocolate truffles that can be enjoyed immediately.

Another type of gift option is the DIY or kit option. One of our favorites is the Gourmet S’Mores Kit, since it can be a fun one to share. Want to give a present for a date night? Try a chocolate fondue kit, or surprise your special someone with homemade chocolate covered strawberries.

Chocolate Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

chocolate gift box

The first step in choosing a chocolate gift for a friend or family member is identifying what they love about chocolate. Is your aunt obsessed with dark chocolate? Make sure to get her a present that highlights dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. If one of your children is obsessed with Oreos, he will love a package of hand-dipped Dori-O’s as a chocolate gift.

Are you looking to get a present for a serious chocoholic in your family? A subscription to the Chocolate of the Month Club with Dorinda’s Chocolates can be an unforgettable gift. This chocolate gift option keeps on giving, as your chocoholic is reminded of your love with a delivery of chocolates chosen by Dorinda each month! If you live with your chocoholic, you can benefit from The Chocolate of the Month Club as well -- that is, if your chocoholic is willing to share!

Chocolate Gifts for Your Budget


Do you want to give chocolate gifts to coworkers, extended family, and friends? Get the most out of your holiday gift budget with treats like Peppermint Bark or Dorinda’s famous Tahoe Bark. Let your friends try a sampler size of one of these chocolate treats, and you can add a personal touch by wrapping these and adding a personalized note.

Another great stocking stuffer and budget-friendly chocolate present is our Hot Cocoa Cones. One Hot Cocoa Cone makes three cups of delicious hot cocoa, and these treats are available in sets of three so you can get one for each family member!

Chocolate Gifts from Dorinda’s Chocolates

At Dorinda’s Chocolates, our gourmet handcrafted chocolates make the perfect chocolate gift for this holiday season. You can even order chocolate gifts online to get gourmet gifts without having to take off your slippers and go out in the cold!

Stop by to visit our new locations! We now have locations open in Squaw Valley, downtown Reno, The Summit Mall in south Reno, and The Village at Northstar Ski Resort in Truckee. We must warn you, it is difficult to walk into our stores and smell the chocolate without ending up tasting some delicious chocolate. We know you are just trying a truffle to make sure your loved one will love the chocolate gift you are giving them. Your secret is safe with us!

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The Best Candy Shops Around the World

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Halloween is just around the corner! t’s almost time for trick-or-treating! Unleash your inner trick-or-treater by finding candy shops that create delicious treats for big kids, too!

For our fellow chocoholics who have an occasional sweet tooth beyond a visit to a chocolate shop, we have created a list of the top candy shops to visit in your lifetime. The sugar cravings travel across continents as we explore candy stores all over the world!

Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City

candy shop Reno

In the heart of New York City, Dylan’s Candy Bar brings out the child in all of us. With colorful and gummy treats for all ages, Dylan’s Candy Bar satisfies that sweet tooth while being hip and cool with pop culture. Your candy can make a statement or be the celebrated guest at your next party!

Dylan’s Candy Bar is a sweet icon and has been featured on shows like Gossip Girl and Project Runway. The flagship store in New York City remains a top tourist attraction to this day! You can also visit a Dylan’s Candy Bar satellite store in cities like Los Angeles or Chicago.

Candylicious in Dubai

Candylicious is the world’s largest candy shop! Candylicious at the Dubai Mall is also the home of Spun Candy, where you can watch the wizard candymakers create candy like lollipops and gummies from scratch.

Imagine a real-life version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory -- 10,000 sq ft of sugary wonder, and there are even lollipop trees!

The Old Dutch Candy Shop in Amsterdam

The Old Dutch Candy Shop is a perfect place for you to have candy with a side of history! The Old Dutch Candy Shop was created in the style of an old fashioned candy shop, and you can see shelves lined with jars of sugary treats!

The Old Dutch Candy Shop is also known as Het Oud-Hollands Snoepwinkeltje, since a sugar craving knows no language barriers! The Old Dutch Candy Shop offers traditional Dutch candies like liquorice and caramels.

Papabubble in Tokyo

Papabubble is the place to go for some of the greatest artisanal caramels on the planet. Watch as the masters make candies right in front of your eyes as your gobble up free samples. If you don’t have the air miles for a quick trip to Tokyo, try Dorinda’s award-winning Sea Salt Caramels!

Try sugary experiments like caramel toothbrushes and candy sushi at one of the Papabubble locations in Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and New York.

Nevada’s Sweet Tooth

Halloween candy shop Reno

There are candy shops around the world, but you can also get world class level sweets at Dorinda’s Handcrafted Chocolates. Our caramels are truly sinful for those moments when you want something sweet and chewy that is not chocolate.

Entertain your Halloween guests or coworkers with our “Halloween bones” treat: pretzels dipped in white chocolate and handmade marshmallows with a scary chocolate face! For your next fall bash, entice your friends with our delicious Pumpkin Truffles. Stop by our Dorinda’s Chocolates locations in Reno and Squaw Valley to find other fun Halloween treats!

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How to Store Chocolate

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You have purchased delicious chocolate treats or made your own chocolate to give to friends and family as gifts. How do you preserve the quality of the chocolate over time? Store your chocolate properly with our helpful tips from your friends at Dorinda’s!

Where to Store Chocolate 

Chocolate absorbs other scents, so make sure to store your chocolate away from anything odorous like onions or strong-smelling herbs. The part of chocolate that is a smell-absorber is the fat of the cocoa butter. The different smells will be absorbed by the chocolate, and when you bite into your chocolate treats you will be tasting all of those other flavors!

Keep your chocolate away from direct sunlight, as the sunlight will warm the chocolate and cause problems. Another enemy of chocolate is moisture, as water can spoil chocolates! Keep your chocolates stored in a cool, dry place out of reach from pets and devious chocolate thieves. 

Store Different Types of Chocolate 

how to store chocolateThe higher ratio of cacao to milk or cream, the longer the chocolate will last. Dark chocolates can be stored for up to one or two years, while milk chocolate and white chocolate are best if consumed within six months to one year.

Chocolate truffles should be consumed within 7-10 days, since they have delicious fresh ingredients on the inside! If you must store chocolate truffles, store them for no longer than three to four months.

If you are storing baked goods like chocolate chip cookies, the storage rules are a little different. Baked goods will not last as long as chocolates, so share the chocolate baked treats so they don’t spoil or go stale!

Not Too Hot or Too Cold

Storing chocolate in a hot area will cause the fat to rise to the top of the chocolate, forming a white film layer over the chocolates. Storing chocolate at too cool of a temperature will mess with the sugar in the chocolate and cause blooming.

So what’s the magic number? Our friends at Chocoley suggest storing your chocolate at  55°F to 68°F in an area where there is less than 50% humidity.

How Long to Store Chocolate

Preservatives in large brand chocolates ensure that the chocolate keeps for a very long time. Purchasing artisanal chocolates like Dorinda’s gourmet handcrafted chocolates means purchasing chocolate with little to no preservatives.

Instead of buying in bulk, buy enough chocolate to take care of you for a month at a time. The fresher the chocolate, the more delicious!

Always Have Fresh Chocolate on Hand

how to store chocolateKeep a constant supply of delicious chocolate in your house or office without worrying about the chocolate lasting longer than a month by signing up for Dorinda’s Chocolate of the Month Club. When you become a Chocolate of the Month member, you will get a monthly delivery of chocolate treats hand-selected by Dorinda herself.

Cannot get enough of our
Sea Salt Caramels? Add them on to your chocolate subscription so you will always have chocolate treats available in case of a chocolate emergency. 

With help from fellow chocoholics at Dorinda’s Handcrafted Chocolates, maintain and protect your chocolate stash at all times.

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Advice for Chocoholics

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Your friends are getting concerned. Every time they see you, you have some delicious chocolate in your hand. It’s time to face the music: You are a chocoholic.

Some signs to recognize chocoholism include knowing all the health benefits of chocolate and enjoying chocolate memes. At Dorinda’s Chocolates, we are here to help. We can make sure your chocolate addiction is properly fed with the proper tools, including the Chocolate of the Month Club.

Step 1: Accept Your Status as a Chocoholic.

The first step in prospering as a chocoholic is to recognize the chocolate lover inside of you. Now take a moment for introspection so you can understand what type of chocoholic you are. Do you crave intensely dark chocolates? Are you a truffle chocoholic? Do you like chocolate-covered everything? Take some time with yourself to understand what your inner chocoholic needs.

Step 2: Quality Over Quantity.

 chocolate of the month club reno

Chocoholics often encounter disappointment with generic chocolate supplies. There are few things more disappointing than getting some seriously needed chocolate only to find that it does not taste delicious.

The best way for chocoholics to avoid the disappointment of bad chocolate is to seek out options with handmade gourmet chocolates. At Dorinda’s Chocolates, we can make sure you have gourmet chocolate that takes care of your chocoholic cravings. We can even get you a steady monthly supply of the good stuff with our Chocolate of the Month Club.

Step 3: Let Chocolate Be Chocolate.

Learn to share. Chocolate can be friends with salty and sweet foods. Try combining chocolate with lots of different things. Introduce chocolate to your friends with a chocolate fondue party.

Tell your friends the best gift to give you is a chocolate gift basket, so they know how to keep you happy. Your friends and family will appreciate the suggestion!

Step 4: Commit to Chocolate with Chocolate of the Month Club.

chocolate of the month club reno

If you want to make sure your chocoholism is taken care of, you will need a steady supply of delicious chocolate. We can help with that. Have a monthly supply of delicious gourmet handcrafted chocolates delivered to your door. You can also visit our store and pick up this month’s batch of goodies if you prefer to visit the homeland!

Dorinda’s Chocolate of the Month Club is a great way to make sure your chocoholic needs are taken care of each month. Each month Dorinda selects which chocolates will go in the selection, and she makes sure you get your money’s worth. You can include add-ons of Dorinda’s famous sea salt caramels or award-winning chocolate covered cherries.

Jump in with both feet by signing up for a year-long subscription to Dorinda’s Chocolate of the Month Club. If a year is a big and scary commitment, you can also subscribe to Dorinda’s Chocolate of the Month Club for a 3-month or 6-month period.

At Dorinda’s Chocolates, we understand that chocolate is a way of life. Our passion for chocolate is serious, and we are committed to using the finest ingredients to make amazing gourmet handcrafted chocolates. Come visit us and try some chocolate, or contact us for more information!

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