How to Become a Chocolatier

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Many of us LOVE chocolate enough to want to make homemade gourmet chocolates every day, but how do you know if you should become a chocolatier? There are a few steps involved in becoming a chocolate master besides loving all kinds of chocolate!

What Is A Chocolatier?

The process of making chocolate from cacao tree to your dessert plate includes different types of chocolate experts, from harvesters to chocolate makers and chocolatiers! What could be the difference between a chocolate maker and a chocolatier?

A chocolate maker creates chocolate using a combination cacao beans and other ingredients. A chocolatier makes chocolate confectionery like truffles, bark, and fondue out of chocolate. Chocolatiers use skills like tempering chocolate to make all sorts of delicious chocolaty treats.

Chocolatier Training

how to become a chocolatier

If your chocolate expertise is currently limited to experiments in your kitchen or visits to the local chocolate candy shop, consider getting some official training to become a chocolatier! Dorinda Vance became a chocolate expert after learning about chocolate from Ecole Chocolat and Barry Callebaut in Chicago!

At chocolate school (which sounds like the most fun type of school, don’t you think?), you learn all about the different types of chocolate, skills like tempering chocolate, and the science of chocolate. There are very specific formulas involving ganache, fondant, and different sugars. You will also come to understand how chocolate can have different textures depending on its source and how it is prepared!

Work With A Pro

Once you complete a professional training program to become a chocolatier, the next step many aspiring chocolatiers take is the step of working as an apprentice underneath the tutelage of a real professional chocolatier.

When you spend your time working for a seasoned professional, you will get a better sense for what may be your chocolatier specialty. Do one thing incredibly well while you learn how to make all of your other chocolaty treats as delicious!

You will make a bad batch or two as you learn -- do not panic or give up! Experimenting and some chocolaty failures will help you learn and grow to understand what combinations do work. It took many great minds and thousands of years to hone the craft of a chocolatier so far, so have some patience as you learn about the textures and combinations of chocolates through trial and error.

Taste The Difference

how to become a chocolatier

We must warn you that spending all of this time around chocolate may cause you to crave the really good stuff like gourmet handmade chocolates even more than an occasional candy bar. When you have that chocoholic craving and are not in the mood to make chocolate for yourself, stop by Dorinda’s Chocolates, with locations in Reno and Squaw Valley!

Taste the skill of the tempering and confectionery chemistry with our Caramelia Melt Away or the Toasty Blonde! For the serious chocoholics, join our Chocolate of the Month Club so you can have some chocolate treats stashed away when your next craving hits.

Stop by and try some gourmet chocolate at Dorinda’s Handcrafted Chocolates today!

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Chocolate Fondue Tips & Tricks

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Chocolate fondue is a fun dessert for date nights and special celebrations. With great chocolatey power comes great responsibility, so here are some things you should know before you begin your chocolate fondue adventure.

Choose Your Chocolate Fondue Tools

chocolate fondue kit renoWhen preparing chocolate fondue to entertain your guests, you can decide between a chocolate fondue fountain and a chocolate fondue pot. These two options require different setup instructions and materials.

The tools needed for chocolate fondue will vary depending on how many guests you are entertaining. Make sure you have enough dipping tools for your guests so your friends and family do not have to endure the torture of waiting for chocolate. You can also decide what type of chocolate you want for your chocolate fondue. Are you a milk or dark chocolate fan?

Things to Dip in Chocolate Fondue

When you have chocolate fondue at your next special event, you can supply different dipping items that range from classic to adventurous! Classic fondue dipping items include pound cake or angel food cake.

Fresh fruit complements chocolate beautifully, so why not dip your favorite fruits in chocolate fondue? Bananas and strawberries are big fan favorites for smothering in chocolate. Guests enjoy both fresh and dried fruits because everything is delicious when covered in chocolate! Check with your guests about food allergies in case fondue dipping items with peanuts or strawberries need to be left out.

Many chocoholics appreciate the combination of sweet and salty. Great items for the sweet and salty combination include potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn. Try lots of different dipping items at your next chocolate fondue party for great conversation starters and fun memories!

How to Prepare Chocolate Fondue Dipping Items

For all of your chocolate fondue dipping items, make sure the pieces are small enough that they will not fall off of the dipping utensil. Dipping items like cake can be cubed and covered until needed to preserve the moisture. For fresh fruit dipping items, wash and pat dry the fruit so there is not much residual water. If you will not be using the fruit for awhile, add a little bit of lemon juice to the fruits so they do not oxidize and get brown!

When dipping crumbly items like cookies and bacon, focus on the technique to pick up the item. You may want to have a specialized dipping utensil for the crumbly items so they don’t fall apart in the chocolate fondue.

Dorinda’s Chocolate Fondue Kits

chocolate fondue kit reno

Your chocolate fondue fun will be the most fun if you have gourmet chocolate! At Dorinda’s Chocolates, you can have your very own Chocolate Fondue Kit. Get a reusable ceramic fondue pot in white or black, and use our gourmet milk or dark chocolate for your dipping fun! Our Chocolate Fondue Kit also includes our delicious and homemade marshmallows.

Stop by Dorinda’s Handcrafted Chocolates today for a chocolate fondue kit or other fun chocolate-dipped treats!



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