Corporate Gift Chocolates

Show your clients, customers, and employees your sweet side with branded truffles and gift baskets! Giving gifts as a business can be tricky. You need something with mass appeal that can also make you stand out. This is where our handcrafted chocolates come in. Our gift baskets come in a variety of sizes and are packed to the brim with delicious treats--and they can get even better. How?

Branded Chocolates

At Dorinda's Chocolates, we pride ourselves on using the best ingredients to handcraft the best truffles out there. Imagine your client biting into one of our award-winning truffles and enjoying every second. Now imagine that every one of those truffles has your logo elegantly topping it, so that you get to be top of mind while your client gets down to the bottom of the box. We use the latest in food-safe technology to actually bond your brand to each truffle. It can't peel off. It isn't some weird-tasting layer. Your logo becomes part of the chocolate, and it looks great doing it. 

Contact us today to order your company's branded chocolates, and take corporate gifts to the next level. Minimum number of pieces required.


Corporate Gift Baskets

We've put together a collection of our favorite gift baskets that we think will wow anyone receiving it, but we also realize that there are as many different tastes as there are people. Do you want to give clients a basket filled only with dark chocolate? Would your employees prefer tasting bars to truffles? We're happy to cater to your needs and put together corporate gift baskets that make you as happy as the folks you're giving them to. 

Contact us today, and let us help you design an overflowing gift basket that comes in under budget. Minimum order required.


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