Pumpkin Spice Truffle

by Dustin Vance

This morning I awoke to a crisp breeze creeping through the window and sliding across my room. I live nestled in the Tahoe mountains, twenty miles from Dorinda’s Chocolates; a short drive to the Reno chocolate shop. As it is only mid-September, I was not expecting to don the heavy boots now on my feet, nor was I anticipating the North Face jacket that I grabbed last minute on my way out the door. The thermometer in my truck reported a temperature of forty degrees fahrenheit, something I would expect on a ski day at North Star or Squaw Valley, but not a week after I spent Labor Day barbecuing in shorts. As I contemplated turning my seat warmer on, I realized with resignation that Autumn was already in the air, and chocolate production would have to adapt in response to the season.

Serendipitously, but not to my surprise, I arrived at the Reno chocolate shop to a new smell to match the season. The chocolatiers had released the Pumpkin Spice Truffle, and already there were rows upon rows of the delicious little chocolate truffles, waiting to be distributed to eager customers. Upon walking into the kitchen, I approached the head chocolatier, and he handed me a handcrafted morsel with a look of smug satisfaction.

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The chocolate truffle was semi-spherical in shape, the outer layer was 35% cacao milk chocolate, garnished with an all natural orange chocolate drizzle, and inside was a smooth and creamy ganache that was simply delightful. I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice season, nor am I overly excited about the sheepskin boots and leggings that it brings. However, I am definitely a believer in this chocolate creation. Its gentle and bold smoothness within the milk chocolate shell took the edge off my unexpected morning chill, and decidedly lifted my spirits.

With Summer almost officially over, it is easy to find yourself in a funk; less ice cream, more pumpkin and wine; no shorts, more leggings. However, It is comforting to know that flavors will change with the seasons here at Dorinda’s Chocolates, and exclusive tastes will follow us into autumn. Rest assured that no matter how cold and forlorn the coming season may appear, the pumpkin spice truffle will go a long way in providing a simple chocolate comfort.  

This is one of many chocolate flavors that Dorinda’s Chocolates offers. If you are curious on how chocolate is made, the history of chocolate, the types and kinds of chocolate, or the many chocolate flavours check out some of our other blogs or feel free to contact us via phone or email!

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