Chocolate of the Month Club, 12 months

12 months of Dorinda’s handpicked seasonal favorites delivered to your door each month.

Total: $468.00 for 1 year

January - Chocolate dipped biscotti’s, cocoa cone, Chocolate Covered Hub Coffee beans, 4- Seasonal Eggnog Brandy truffles, 5-Sea Salt caramels ~ February - Beautiful 17pc Assorted Truffles heart box , 5-sea salt caramels ~ March - Delicious Chocolate Covered Mongos, 8pc assorted truffles , 4-naked Irishman Truffles , 5-sea salt caramels ~ April - Colorful Easter basket treats , Rice Krispy bar, Cracked eggs, foil wrapped eggs, 5-sea salt caramels ~ May - Delectable 24pc assorted Truffles , 5 award-winning sea salt caramels ~ June - Chocolate Covered pretzel Bar, Caramel Sauce, Caramel tube filled with individually wrapped Sea Salt Caramels, 5-sea salt caramels ~ July - Ooey Gooey Paint Can S’more Kit , 5 award-winning sea salt caramels ~ August -Gourmet Wine Pairing Chocolate with wine pairing guide , Cocoa Nib Tasting bar, 5-sea salt caramels ~ September - Dusty’s Gourmet chocolate Brownie mix, Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, 5-sea salt caramels ~ October - Giant Caramel Chocolate Apple, Dorios , 5-sea salt caramels ~ November -Gorgeous 12pc Assorted Truffle box with 6 award winning pumpkin truffles, Sea Salt Tasting Bar, 5-sea salt caramels ~ December - 4pc peppermint truffles, 8pc Assorted Truffle box , Gourmet Hot Chocolate Cocoa Spoon, Award winning Peppermint bark, 5-sea salt caramels ~

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