Eggnog Brandy

Dorindas Chocolates Holiday Eggnog Brandy Truffle – A Seasonal Favorite!

The flavor profiles of this holiday favorite come together to form the perfect taste-experience. Made simply with nutmeg, locally sourced eggnog from Model Dairy, brandy and dark chocolate, one bite into this truffle will welcome you directly into the holiday season. Our team of chocolatiers put their heads together every year and try and come up with new and exciting flavors that will enhance the holidays, but nothing compares to the simplicity and deliciousness of this truffle. Although the Brandy is reduced to a simple flavor with the alcohol cooked out, it doesn’t stop our staff from eating handfuls of Dorinda’s Chocolates Holiday Eggnog Brandy Truffle in hopes of catching a buzz.

Total: $25.00

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