The Dorinda's Chocolates Story

Foregoing trendiness in favor of incredible flavor, Dorinda’s award-winning chocolates are all-natural, hand-made creations. You can trust that our products, in whatever form they take, are made with fairtrade ingredients of the best possible quality. That means you’ll have an indulgent, but ethical experience with every bite, hand-crafted by some of the region’s most celebrated chocolatiers.


Our Family & Legacy


Family is at the foundation of everything we do at Dorinda’s Chocolates. Be it the beautiful cabinetry that frames our chocolates in store, the visual presentation of our brand, or our range of confectionary creations, we strive to make your experience heavenly.

Dorinda Vance


“The Duchess of Chocolate” Dorinda brings with her a lifelong love of chocolate, which she began hand-crafting herself in the form of chocolate-dipped cherries when she was twelve. After developing her talent as a chocolatier in formal settings (like the L’Ecole Chocolat and the Berry Callebaut factory), Dorinda founded Dorinda’s Chocolates as a way to share something she loved with the world, and create a legacy her family could carry forward for decades to come.


Dustin Vance

COO/Vice President

One of Dorinda’s sons and one of the spirited personalities behind the brand. Like Dorinda, Dustin’s love for chocolate runs deep —since joining the family business he has come to play a critical role in developing Dorinda’s range of tasty creations; in hiring and developing the Dorinda’s Chocolate staff; and in planning the future of Dorinda’s Chocolates, which he hopes to share with a wider market. His goal is to one day man the operation so that his parents can retire and enjoy the rewards that came from their hard work. 


Daniel Lawson

General Manager

Daniel has spent the past 6 years mastering the art of chocolate making under Dorinda and Dustin. He runs the kitchen and is proud to work for one of the few companies that undergo the difficult and exacting process of hand tempering their chocolate. Daniel loves the creativity his work requires and enjoys perfecting his craft so that every single chocolate is flawless and manufactured in the most efficient way possible. Daniel has recently moved into the position of general manager whereas he still spends most of his time in the kitchen his main goal is control the entire supply chain of the company and all of its partners. 


Amber Hale

Brand Manager & Director of Corporate Clientele

Amber has spent the last 5 years working for a company she wholeheartedly believes in. Her creativity flows through out her work, no matter which medium it may be. Amber will handle any and all custom orders, and make your dream wedding or brilliant idea come to life! She is the mind behind many of our public as well as private events. Give us a call, Amber is usually the one to answer the phone and has a complete knowledge of the business both inside and out.  


Garrett Biselli

Lead Chocolatier

Garrett joined Dorinda's Chocolates in Sept of 2020, and with the restructure of the company he quickly adapted and became the lead chocolatier for the company. Garrett is always the first in and last out, his attention to detail surpasses no one, and his stoic yet light humor is a welcomed addition to the family. His work ethic is a direct reflection to the quality of products that we produce at Dorinda's Chocolates, and chances are if you've tried our chocolates before, Garrett is the one who created them for you to enjoy.



Beth Howson

Chocolatier & Baker

Beth joined Dorinda's Chocolates Christmas time of 2019. Her passion revolves around all things baked! Her magic hand creates cheesecakes, baklava, lemon bars, pies, brownies, and so much more. Everytime we have a family gathering you can be sure to find some delicious treats Beth created for all of us to enjoy. If you visit our Chocolate Factory you will find we work in a constant heavenly smell erupting from the kitchens oven. (Beth please stop... you're making me fat!)


The family business extends beyond these masterminds, and it’s not hard to find any of Dorinda’s relatives adding something special to the business. Beyond that, we consider our team to be a part of our family and vision, and deeply appreciate the enthusiasm, loyalty and love for sweets we share with them. 


How it all started

It all started as an idea. Dorinda thought to hand-make chocolate dipped cherries at the age of twelve and returned to the idea with her sons later in life, first debuting her now famous salted caramel chocolate delights at a trade show where she was surrounded by a who’s who of top chocolatiers and taking home an award for “best, most original flavor”. This dream quickly evolved into a thriving business with an unconventional rise to prominence. Founded in 2009, after Dorinda had homeschooled all four of her sons up until high school, Dorinda’s Chocolates made its official mark in Truckee, California before expanding into other markets, including Reno, Nevada and North Lake Tahoe. Really, it was when Dorinda’s chocolates  were awarded “best and most original flavor” at her first trade show—surrounded by major chocolate companies with big product ranges and even bigger budgets—that we knew we were onto something. A gradually expanding selection of hand-made chocolate creations can also be found in stores throughout Reno including Sierra Street Kitchen and Cocktails, Fine Vines Cheese and Wines, Nakoma Golf Resort  and Whitney Peak Hotel. Dorinda’s Chocolates also offers quick domestic shipping options for those who want to taste our confections at a distance. As Dorinda’s Chocolates grows,  we plan to enter more markets and to develop our wholesale offerings so that fans of Dorinda’s Chocolates will be able to taste the quality, care and connection packed into every bite anywhere.


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