Halloween Spooktacular

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Hooray for candy, especially the haunting kind. But what it is about this spooky
holiday that makes us crave the sweets? We want to dress up in our scariest
costumes and run a-muck, fueled by sugary snacks! Why do we trick or treat? This
tradition stems back to ancient Celtic festivals, early Roman Catholic holidays,
medieval practices and British politics. The Great Depression highlighted the act of
trick or treating, when the trick of Halloween mischief transformed into violence.

But why the treats? When the custom of trick-or- treating started in the 1930s and early 1940s, children were given everything from homemade cookies and pieces of cake to fruit, nuts, coins and toys. Soon it morphed over into handing out candy. Nestles and Hershey’s Chocolate Bars were among the most popular of candies, as were the all time favorite candy corn. All Hallows Eve, later coined Halloween, soon became an opportunity to usher in winter with sweets, and celebrate the coming of the frost with an extra layer of body fat.

Here at Dorinda’s Chocolates, we celebrate Halloween with the sweetest of treats.
Everything Halloween that you could imagine – caramel, pumpkins, apples, and, of
course, chocolate! It all screams harvest, and Dorinda’s Chocolates will be open for
trick or treaters tonight! Our employees are all dressed in their spookiest! We have
witches and skeletons, pirates and purple haired fairies! Everything delightful to
make our customers scream!

Trick or Treat - Dorinda's Halloween Specialties!

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Halloween is here and Dorinda’s Chocolates couldn’t be happier! The chocolatiers are working extra hard in the kitchen to spit out your favorite Halloween treats as fast as possible! The shop is decorated with the fall spirit, full of pumpkins, black and orange streamers, twinkling lights.

 There are so many Halloween specials! Among the favorites are the solid chocolates, in the shapes of scary ghouls, ghosts, cackling witches, vampires and Frankenstein! These pieces are solid chocolate, made in milk, dark and white chocolate! Sometimes our chocolatiers get a little crazy and even create orange pumpkins. Also on the scary side are mummy pops, made of white chocolate and oreos. They are frighteningly good.

Also available are marshmallow – skeletons. Pretzels, dipped in white chocolate, are stacked and topped with a handcrafted marshmallow and painted with a menacing face. These are definitely a top seller for the little ones!



On the fall side of things is the pumpkin spice truffle! Yum! Grandma can’t do better. Lastly, we have gold, orange and purple foil wrapped leaves available in milk or dark chocolate. We sure do love autumn, and all the fun it brings! Even as the weather changes, and we pull our scarves and coats out of the back closet, you know you can’t forget about the hand dipped caramel apples! Yum!


Trick or Treat? All we can say is aren't they the same? Because Dorinda's Chocolates treats are mecheviously good!

A Growing Chocolate Shop

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The Reno chocolate shop has seen substantial growth these past weeks. On top of the organic growth that comes with a steady economy, Dorinda’s Chocolates is encountering a brand new demographic yearning for a taste of rolled ice cream. This new creation by partner company, Rolled Mountain Creamery has attracted a brand new collection of people with young energy.

This new crowd comes from the Instagram and Snapchat generation; a crowd fueled by trends and the new. Although these young people still smile when they bite into a sea salt caramel, chocolate covered cherry, or truffle they want what they haven’t seen before, and so they order the rolled ice cream. Chocolate shops commonly feature ice cream as a one-stop-shop for sweets, but this is entirely unique to the world of confections.

Dorinda’s Chocolates and their new partner, Rolled Mountain Creamery, stay true to their trade and take handcrafted to a new level. The quaint little Reno chocolate shop now features gorgeous alder wood built-ins, handcrafted by Dorinda’s husband. The growing chocolate shop has found a balance between the quaint and the professional, the young and the old. It would seem that the company is headed beyond truffles and handcrafted chocolate, and into the realm of all things simple and delicate.

Dorinda's Chocolates Grows With Reno

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Reno is growing quickly, and Dorinda’s Chocolates is feeling the effects. What was once a dirt patch near Midtown, is now a bustling meeting center, leisure place, and small business haven. Originally, Dorinda’s Chocolates was just a small Reno chocolate shop beside Hub Coffee Roasters. Now, Dorinda’s Chocolates is the premiere Reno chocolate shop, thanks in large part to its loyal consumer base, friendly atmosphere, and high quality chocolate.

The Reno chocolate shop is a perfect example of how a small business can help shape a community; cobblestones soon replaced the dirt patch and landscaping became top notch in the neighboring residences. The surprising and nameless collection of shops along the Truckee River eventually earned a name; Urban @ Riverside, and even became a “place to see” on Google maps. 

Dorinda’s Chocolates, a small Reno chocolate shop, has since expanded to North Star, Squaw Valley, and South Creek shopping center. The family chocolate business is excited to grow to South Reno and provide its delicious gourmet truffles, sea salt caramels, vegan chocolate, and chocolate covered cherries to other local families!  With several companies arriving in Reno, the population and demand for chocolate is sure to grow, and Dorinda’s Chocolates hopes to be the best chocolate shop in Reno, Tahoe, and beyond.

Gift Baskets Year Round!

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Are you a chocoholic? If so, we’ve got your fix. Dorinda’s Chocolates offers everyone the opportunity to ensure that they never run out of chocolate again! The Chocolate of the Month Club is the perfect way to treat yourself or someone you love to a constant stream of happiness.


Chocolate of the Month Club Members can sign up for 3, 6 or 12-month memberships and receive a basket of chocolate bliss each month! The Chocolate of the Month Club is the perfect way to enjoy popular, award winning pieces and ensure that you never miss out on seasonal favorites, like our Award Winning Pumpkin Truffles.


Need more? Every Chocolate Of The Month Club Member has the option to add on an additional box of Sea Salt Caramels, Signature Chocolate Covered Cherries or a pound of The Hub Coffee Roasters premium, locally roasted coffee. These additional items make wonderful gifts—when they aren’t helping you last through the month without running out of chocolate yourself.

Pumpkin Spice Truffle

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This morning I awoke to a crisp breeze creeping through the window and sliding across my room. I live nestled in the Tahoe mountains, twenty miles from Dorinda’s Chocolates; a short drive to the Reno chocolate shop. As it is only mid-September, I was not expecting to don the heavy boots now on my feet, nor was I anticipating the North Face jacket that I grabbed last minute on my way out the door. The thermometer in my truck reported a temperature of forty degrees fahrenheit, something I would expect on a ski day at North Star or Squaw Valley, but not a week after I spent Labor Day barbecuing in shorts. As I contemplated turning my seat warmer on, I realized with resignation that Autumn was already in the air, and chocolate production would have to adapt in response to the season.

Serendipitously, but not to my surprise, I arrived at the Reno chocolate shop to a new smell to match the season. The chocolatiers had released the Pumpkin Spice Truffle, and already there were rows upon rows of the delicious little chocolate truffles, waiting to be distributed to eager customers. Upon walking into the kitchen, I approached the head chocolatier, and he handed me a handcrafted morsel with a look of smug satisfaction.

The chocolate truffle was semi-spherical in shape, the outer layer was 35% cacao milk chocolate, garnished with an all natural orange butter cream drizzle, and inside was a smooth and creamy ganache that was simply delightful. I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice season, nor am I overly excited about the sheepskin boots and leggings that it brings. However, I am definitely a believer in this chocolate creation. Its gentle and bold smoothness within the milk chocolate shell took the edge off my unexpected morning chill, and decidedly lifted my spirits.

With Summer almost officially over, it is easy to find yourself in a funk; less ice cream, more pumpkin and wine; no shorts, more leggings. However, It is comforting to know that flavors will change with the seasons here at Dorinda’s Chocolates, and exclusive tastes will follow us into autumn. Rest assured that no matter how cold and forlorn the coming season may appear, the pumpkin spice truffle will go a long way in providing a simple chocolate comfort.    

Fall for Dorinda's Chocolates

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Excited for Fall? Here at Dorinda’s Chocolates, we are. For us, Fall smeans the return of a couple of seasonal favorites. Award winning Pumpkin Truffles and Hot Cocoa Cones? Yes, please!

 These cool nights are the perfect time for hot chocolate. Though we have these year round, now is the time when we can never seem to make them fast enough. Our cute Hot Cocoa Cones make enough hot chocolate for 4 people to sip on a cool night this Fall, they make great stocking stuffers too!

 Fall also means that we can finally bring back our Pumpkin Truffles. These award winning truffles are made with real pumpkin! So irresistible, we simply cannot make enough. Come in and grab your bagful while we have them. They come but once a year.

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