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ONLY $39/Month

Chocolate Of The Month Club

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Dorinda’s Chocolates Welcomes You
to our
Chocolate of the Month Club.
Each month receive an array of delicious, handcrafted chocolates right to your door.

Whether you consider yourself a chocolate connoisseur, you’re surprising a certain special someone, or you just want to make sure your family always has incredible chocolate at hand, the Chocolate of the Month Club is sure to satisfy.

Here's What You Get
A seasonal assortment of delicious chocolates hand picked by Dorinda herself and cold-pak delivered right to your door each month!
You'll receive:



Chocolate dipped biscotti’s, cocoa cone, Chocolate Covered Hub Coffee beans, 4- Seasonal Eggnog Brandy truffles, 5-Sea Salt caramels


Beautiful 17pc Assorted Truffles heart box , 5-sea salt caramels




Delicious Chocolate Covered Mongos, 8pc assorted truffles , 4-naked Irishman Truffles , 5-sea salt caramels


Colorful Easter basket treats , Rice Krispy bar, Cracked eggs, foil wrapped eggs, 5-sea salt caramels




Delectable 24pc assorted Truffles , 5 award-winning sea salt caramels


Chocolate Covered pretzel Bar, Caramel Sauce, Caramel tube filled with individually wrapped Sea Salt Caramels, 5-sea salt caramels



Ooey Gooey Paint Can S’more Kit , 5 award-winning sea salt caramels


Gourmet Wine Pairing Chocolate with wine pairing guide , Cocoa Nib Tasting bar, 5-sea salt caramels



Dusty’s Gourmet chocolate Brownie mix, Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, 5-sea salt caramels


Giant Caramel Chocolate Apple, Dorios , 5-sea salt caramels



Gorgeous 12pc Assorted Truffle box with 6 award winning pumpkin truffles, Sea Salt Tasting Bar, 5-sea salt caramels


4pc peppermint truffles, 8pc Assorted Truffle box , Gourmet Hot Chocolate Cocoa Spoon, Award winning Peppermint bark, 5-sea salt caramels

All 12 months hand-picked, cold-packed and
delivered right to your door!

All at OVER 40% OFF!

ONLY $39/Month

This Is A

Very Limited Time Offer!

Chocolate Of The Month Club

--->> ALL at an incredible OVER 40% OFF! <<---

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