Hand-crafting chocolate is an art; one that takes patience, steady hands and a deep understanding of chocolates chemistry. Tempering, dipping and
decorating chocolates are all steps you’ll find happening in the kitchen when Dorinda’s Chocolates famous Dori-O’s are being crafted. These heavenly goodies are Oreos dipped in dark, milk or Belgian chocolate and boy are they good!

The process of hand-crafting Dori-O’s begins with chocolate tempering. Properly tempered not only creates a better looking finished treat but also helps preserve the chocolate while preventing unsightly white lines from forming. The whiteness that can sometimes be found in chocolate is referred to as “flowering” and indicates that the chocolate has not been tempered properly.

The next step is when steady hands come into play. Using nothing more than a common kitchen fork, the chocolatiers at Dorinda’s Chocolates dip Oreo’s into tempered chocolate, shake off the excess chocolate while being careful not to dislodge the cookie into the rest of their tempered chocolate. Once the excess chocolate has been removed, the Dori-O’s are places on a cookie sheet to dry. The tricky part for these chocolate geniuses is putting the cookie down without smearing the chocolate across the cookie sheet and avoiding leaving any marks on the cookies themselves.