Your friends are getting concerned. Every time they see you, you have some delicious chocolate in your hand. It’s time to face the music: You are a chocoholic.

Some signs to recognize chocoholism include knowing all the health benefits of chocolate and enjoying chocolate memes. At Dorinda’s Chocolates, we are here to help. We can make sure your chocolate addiction is properly fed with the proper tools, including the Chocolate of the Month Club.

Step 1: Accept Your Status as a Chocoholic.

The first step in prospering as a chocoholic is to recognize the chocolate lover inside of you. Now take a moment for introspection so you can understand what type of chocoholic you are. Do you crave intensely dark chocolates? Are you a truffle chocoholic? Do you like chocolate-covered everything? Take some time with yourself to understand what your inner chocoholic needs.

Step 2: Quality Over Quantity.

 chocolate of the month club reno

Chocoholics often encounter disappointment with generic chocolate supplies. There are few things more disappointing than getting some seriously needed chocolate only to find that it does not taste delicious.

The best way for chocoholics to avoid the disappointment of bad chocolate is to seek out options with handmade gourmet chocolates. At Dorinda’s Chocolates, we can make sure you have gourmet chocolate that takes care of your chocoholic cravings. We can even get you a steady monthly supply of the good stuff with our Chocolate of the Month Club.

Step 3: Let Chocolate Be Chocolate.

Learn to share. Chocolate can be friends with salty and sweet foods. Try combining chocolate with lots of different things. Introduce chocolate to your friends with a chocolate fondue party.

Tell your friends the best gift to give you is a chocolate gift basket, so they know how to keep you happy. Your friends and family will appreciate the suggestion!

Step 4: Commit to Chocolate with Chocolate of the Month Club.

chocolate of the month club reno

If you want to make sure your chocoholism is taken care of, you will need a steady supply of delicious chocolate. We can help with that. Have a monthly supply of delicious gourmet handcrafted chocolates delivered to your door. You can also visit our store and pick up this month’s batch of goodies if you prefer to visit the homeland!

Dorinda’s Chocolate of the Month Club is a great way to make sure your chocoholic needs are taken care of each month. Each month Dorinda selects which chocolates will go in the selection, and she makes sure you get your money’s worth. You can include add-ons of Dorinda’s famous sea salt caramels or award-winning chocolate covered cherries.

Jump in with both feet by signing up for a year-long subscription to Dorinda’s Chocolate of the Month Club. If a year is a big and scary commitment, you can also subscribe to Dorinda’s Chocolate of the Month Club for a 3-month or 6-month period.

At Dorinda’s Chocolates, we understand that chocolate is a way of life. Our passion for chocolate is serious, and we are committed to using the finest ingredients to make amazing gourmet handcrafted chocolates. Come visit us and try some chocolate, or contact us for more information!