Chocolate Manufacturing and White Labeling

Did you know Dorinda's Chocolates manufactures all kinds of chocolate and candy products for other companies? With our 5000 sqft FDA certified commercial kitchen we white label for a ton of different brands shipping nationwide. Creating a range of products from spicy chocolates that we ship to Arizona in the middle of summer, talk about some heat, or thousands of pounds of chocolate covered raisins from a grape growing company in California. The Dorinda's kitchen has a complete Selmi line up of equipment including; a mould loader for custom chocolate bars, pasteurizing equipment, panning machines, multiple tempering units and chocolate melting tanks that can hold up to a thousand pounds of liquid chocolate, we can make your dream of a chocolate bath come true! 
Dorinda's Chocolates even has an edible ink printer that can make your logo, or beautiful face, printed individually on a piece of chocolate. Are you a realtor looking for that perfect gift when you close a house? Or maybe a financial advisor that loves to send out birthday wishes with hand-written gift notes, Dorinda's can help you with your next project big or small. The Dorinda's team would love to help you brainstorm new ideas or recipes to create something truly memorable for years to come. 
Interested in becoming our partner? Or need some serious manufacturing done?