Dorinda’s Chocolates is Reno’s go-to confectionery for those looking to introduce their taste buds to something new! We’re not your average chocolate shop. In fact, we only use all-natural, fair trade ingredients. This means that our hand-crafted chocolates and treats bring out amazingly fresh flavors and provide an elevated culinary experience from what you may be used to. Often times, our experimentation leads us down new avenues, and we’re excited to share our August chocolate of the month with you: The Lemon Raspberry Truffle.

The Lemon Raspberry Truffle whisks your taste buds away on a light, creamy experience. The creaminess originates from the lemon ganache, while the robust raspberry ganache comes in with bold tartness. These flavors complement each other to form a delectable confection. To seal the deal, the truffle is dipped in white chocolate, enveloping the two flavors for you to experience bite size indulgence.

The Lemon Raspberry Truffle is available in three box sizes, so you can decide whether you want to keep them all to yourself, or maybe even share with a partner. Either way, we won’t tell! Here’s the tough decision for you to make:

  • Small: 12 pieces
  • Medium: 24 pieces
  • Large: 48 pieces

    We’re excited for you to try the Lemon Raspberry Truffle! Order here.

    Build Your Own Box

    If you don’t want to go all in on one type of chocolate, we recommend making your own custom box via our website! Whether you’d like to build a box of 12, 24, or 48 chocolates, it’s super easy. The best part is, you don’t have to be a Reno local. Our team hand-selects the contents and ships nationwide. We use cold-packaging to ensure your prized chocolates arrive in perfect condition for your enjoyment.

    Simply select your desired quantity, then get to work choosing from our variety of delectable treats to add to the box. Keep it fruity, go nutty, or get naked (with our dark, 70% chocolate ganache piece). And now that you’ve discovered the Lemon Raspberry Truffle, you might add a couple of those to your selection as well! The choice is yours with Dorinda’s Build a Box. Check it out here!

    August Chocolate Wine Pairing

    Speaking of chocolate variety, it’s time for another Chocolate and Wine Pairing event at our Riverside location! Bring a friend or a significant other to try wines paired with 4 of Dorinda's handcrafted chocolates on Thursday, August 18th.

    We’ll have a representative from the selected winery on deck to walk you through their offerings. You’ll discover where the wine comes from, how to pick out unique flavor notes, how long to let it breathe, and much more! And of course, each wine will be paired with a piece of chocolate, some new, some classic, and some you've never tried before.

    Ring up a good friend or loved one, and make plans to have an amazing time on August 18th! Here are the details:

    • $35 pre-order. $45 day of.
    • Only 60 tickets available!
    • Where: 727 Riverside Drive Reno NV (Downtown location)
    • 5-7pm
    • Pay online, call in advance, or pay at the door.

        Reservations are highly recommended! Reserve your spot at the August Chocolate Wine Pairing before they’re taken!