On May 19th, Dorinda’s will be hosting a chocolate wine pairing event that features our hand-crafted Reno chocolates along with quality wines to complement all of the rich flavors. Join us from 5pm to 7pm at 727 Riverside Drive for a fun night of wine and chocolate tasting! 

Chocolate Wine Pairing

Dorinda’s Chocolates is happy to announce another Chocolate and Wine Pairing event happening on May 19th! The event will feature four of Dorinda’s handcrafted artisan chocolates all of which have been hand-selected to perfectly match their wine counterparts for the evening. Not only does this event give you an excuse to indulge in decadent chocolate and delicious wines, but it will also help you choose which wine to order with your next dessert. 

Dorinda’s Chocolate and Wine Pairing night isn’t just fun, it’s informative too!

How to Pair Wine and Chocolate 

When pairing chocolate and wine, there is one simple rule to follow that will ensure you experience the best flavor match possible and that’s to pair sweet wines with sweet chocolates. If you’re ever unsure of which wine will best complement your chocolate of choice, remember that similar characteristics are going to most closely suit each other. 

Another consideration you’ll want to keep in mind is the body, or depth, of the wine. Full-bodied wines should be paired with heavy chocolates while light wines are best paired with lighter chocolates. The thickness and density of the chocolate will highly affect the type of wine you should go for. Thick and creamy chocolate will pair with a different wine than light chocolate while strong dark chocolate will pair better with a fuller-bodied wine than a lighter wine. And, white chocolate will pair better with a tame chardonnay, however, it can be paired with a red wine so long as it’s light and sweet.

Chocolate and Wine Pairing Tips 

Now that you know the general rule of pairing wine and chocolates, it’s time to get familiar with the fine details. First, you should know that having an open mind will allow you to experience more diverse and unique flavors, so don’t be afraid to try unconventional wine and chocolate pairings. 

Another wine and chocolate pairing tip we have to share with you focuses on the quality of wine and chocolate that you’re working with. High-quality artisan chocolates like those made at Dorinda’s are going to pair best with high-quality wines. In other words, don’t pair a 10 with a 3 or vice versa. To get the best match, your wine should be just as divine as your chocolate. We recommend trying a few different wines and chocolates of good quality to see what you like best. 

Try The Assorted Chocolates from Dorinda’s 

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