It is well known that dark chocolate has many health benefits. In the right amounts, it can improve heart health, memory and elevate your mood. Less commonly known are the health benefits that can be found in Cocoa Butter. Cocoa butter is something that you may have heard of in various cosmetics, ointments
pharmaceuticals and, of course, chocolate! Cocoa butter is actually a type of vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean and contains many fats and anti oxidants that are beneficial to the body in the right quantities. So what benefits has cocoa butter actually been proven to provide?

  Cocoa butter is anti-aging! It contains a very high concentration of
antioxidants and these help to neutralize free radicals throughout your body. It also reduces the occurrences of oxidative stress and this help to negate wrinkles and age marks. There have even been studies that show that cocoa butter can even help to reduce the visibility of scars on the skin. As if that isn’t enough reason to double your intake of white chocolate, there are even more benefits to indulging in some white chocolate periodically.

            Cocoa butter has also been proven to improve your hair quality! It does so by improving the health of the hair follicle beds thus lowering the likeliness of dandruff, preventing dry hair and even preventing male pattern baldness. Need another reason to pick up a white chocolate lemon truffle or a white chocolate pistachio raspberry tasting bar? The rich blend of fatty acids and antioxidants found in cocoa butter make it a great option foe reducing inflammation of he skin.

           Psoriasis, eczema, heat rashes and other types of inflammation found on the body can be soothed rapidly using cocoa butter. Topical application of the butter is the most effective route to gain all these great benefits but guess what; it still works when it is just eaten! Talk about a sweet way to stay healthy! Just remember to be smart about the amount of white chocolate you enjoy but don’t forget to keep indulging!