If you love chocolate as much as we do, then you don’t need a special holiday or occasion to justify getting yourself or your loved ones some decadent artisan chocolate—however, it is the best excuse! This past Valentine’s Day was huge for chocolatiers like Dorinda and her team who worked for days to prepare, hand-dip, and decorate hundreds of chocolate-covered strawberries. Thanks to KOLO 8 News who was there to report on Dorinda’s Chocolates' busiest day of the year, we were able to gain some insight into just how fond people are of these quality chocolates.

Dorinda’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a Valentine’s Day staple, standing out as the holiday’s unofficial dessert. They offer the perfect flavor combination with naturally sweet fruit and rich chocolate that exudes feelings of love and desire. Made to look as if the strawberries are wearing tuxedos or expertly drizzled with beautiful lines of chocolate, this treat from Dorinda’s is always a crowd-pleaser. 

Other Artisan Chocolate From Dorinda’s 

While their chocolate-covered strawberries caught the eyes of many over the last holiday, Dorinda’s Chocolates offers much more than this seasonal favorite. Some of their most popular items, which are available all year round, include the sea salt caramels, Dori-Os, The Kraken, and the Frey Ranch chocolates. All of Dorinda’s Chocolates are made with fairtrade ingredients of the highest quality, so you can ethically indulge in our decadent candies guilt-free—mostly!

Dorinda’s also comes out with a specialty seasonal chocolate each month that coincides with popular holidays within the month. March’s chocolate of the month is the Naked Irishman, a smooth and rich Irish Cream ganache hand-rolled in both dark and white chocolate.   

Dorinda’s Chocolate of the Month Club  

For true artisan chocolate lovers, Dorinda’s Chocolate of the Month Club gives the sweet gift of chocolate every month. Our chocolate subscription boxes allow you to get our decadent chocolate candies sent right to your door every 1, 2, or 3 months. Each month, our team hand-selects artisan chocolates from our collections. Choose from all milk chocolate or dark chocolate options, or select a mix of both. You can also count on a 6 piece box of our Award-Winning Sea Salt Caramels with each delivery,

Build-A-Box of Dorinda’s Chocolates

If you’re like many of our chocoholics out there who already know what they like and can’t get enough of them, then building your own box of Dorinda’s chocolates may be exactly what you’re craving. Our Build-A-Box options allow you to choose up to 48 of our quality chocolates. Whether you choose all different flavors and items or stick to just your favorite is up to you! Box sizes range from 12 pieces to 48 pieces letting you choose just how much sweetness you indulge in. 

Dorinda’s Artisan Chocolates 

Chocolate makes the best gift for those you so care about in life. With Dorinda’s Chocolates, you can give the gift of artisan chocolate all year round! Sign your lover up for our chocolate of the month club and show them you love them all year long.  

Or, make you and your loved ones' life a little sweeter by giving this delicious box of artisan chocolates every 30, 60, or 90 days. Visit us online or in-store to experience the perks of being a chocoholic.