Looking for some gift ideas to help inspire your shopping this Valentine's day? Don’t be afraid to keep it simple with a box of artisan chocolates. Chocolate is a decadent dessert, valued since before the Early Modern period. Upper-class Aztecs and Mayans considered chocolate an item of luxury and found ways to enjoy it daily. 

Of course, Mesoamerica was not the only culture finding satisfaction in the comforts of chocolate. Artisan chocolate has found its way into the hands of royalty for centuries. So be sure to remind the ones you love of their greatness with a chocolate subscription box this Valentine’s Day.

Our Chocolate Of The Month Club

Here at Dorinda’s Chocolates, we work tirelessly to give the Reno community and beyond access to the highest quality, hand-crafted chocolate. This month we partnered with a local favorite to create the perfect artisan chocolate for our chocolate of the month club.  

The owner of Big Horn Olive Co. is known for her tireless search for artisan oils and vinegar. Mercedes Burkavage realized the way to do this was to stop searching. She worked out all the details and soon introduced Reno to the Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegar her family had previously grown while living on the east coast.

Dorinda’s Strawberry Balsamic Chocolate

Our shared passion for delicious food inspired us to create sweet and savory artisan chocolates perfect for your lover's taste buds. Our chocolate is made by mixing Big Horn Olive Co.’s strawberry balsamic with our white chocolate ganache. Afterward, we coat this delicious pair in 62% dark French chocolate. This combination of flavors gives you a chance to encounter the wonders of our Strawberry Balsamic Chocolate

We believe the balance of sweet and savory alongside a tang of balsamic produces incredibly unique artisan chocolates. Excite your partner with Valentine's day chocolates that take all their senses on a journey. The first taste is all strawberry, but after your taste buds get hit with Big Horn's deliciously bold balsamic blast. We top our strawberry balsamic chocolate with a heart transfer sheet making it the perfect gift to remind your valentine how much you care.

So do yourself a favor and put your search for the perfect Valentine's Day chocolates to an end. Although we are local to Reno, we offer to ship anywhere in the United States. Our shipping options mean you can brighten all of your loved ones' day, no matter where they are.

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Give A Gift That Never Stops Giving

Chocolate is a decadent, luxurious item, making it a perfect gift idea for this Valentine’s Day celebration. Why go out to restaurants you can visit any day of the week? Sign your lover up for our chocolate of the month club and show them you love them all year long with a subscription of artisan chocolates from Dorinda’s Chocolates. 

Make you and your loved ones' life a little sweeter by giving this delicious box of artisan chocolates every 30, 60, or 90 days. Visit us online or in-store to experience the perks of being a chocoholic.