This morning at the Reno chocolate shop began as any other Thursday morning; the Dorinda’s Chocolates team was prepping the kitchen for the daily chocolate production; tempering chocolate and tasting the latest truffles the chocolatiers have handcrafted. The marketing team had finished their early meeting and began their daily internet campaign, spreading the word about the fair trade chocolate products they are so passionate about. Upstairs, the administrative section of the small family chocolate business began directing their efforts at billing and organizing all of the moving parts that come with running a company that spans Reno, Squaw Valley, and North Star. All operations were ordinary with an initial exception; police officers began gathering outside on the cobblestones, performing perimeter checks and assuming tactical positions. After a prompt questioning performed by the Dorinda’s Chocolates cashier, their prerogative was revealed; Hillary Clinton would be visiting the small Reno Business and its neighbors within a matter of minutes.

Hurriedly, the entire staff donned their aprons, created a chocolate platter, and assembled a gift box for the presidential candidate’s arrival. Within minutes, the courtyard in front of Dorinda’s Chocolates was flooded with secret service agents, police, media, photographers, campaign staff, and hopeful onlookers trying to steal a moment with the democratic party champion. Amidst the controlled chaos was Dorinda and her son Dustin smiling in their purple aprons, and holding a tray of chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. Patiently, they stood outside of the shop as their two marketing team members took positions, cameras at the ready.

Just as the secret service agents began ushering Madame Clinton and her retinue back to the motorcade, the lady herself locked eyes and took the outstretched hand of Dorinda and paused her busy schedule to pay her respects to the small business owner. Swarming, the media snapped hundreds of photos and recorded the entire interaction between the two women, which was warm and genuine, because after all, everybody’s heart is warm while eating chocolate. Just as expected, Hillary was no different; her eyes widened with unexpected joy as she bit into one of Dorinda's award-winning sea salt caramels. 

Similarly, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama visited a small Seattle-based chocolate company in 2008, called Fran’s Chocolates. In the years since, Fran’s has expanded momentously, riding off the coveted presidential seal of approval. Having a presidential candidate endorse a small business such as this Reno chocolate shop, should have an enormous impact on sales and marketing, to be sure. The question remains however; can Dorinda’s Sea Salt Caramel capture the heart of Hillary Clinton? Only time will tell, but for the present moment, it was anything but an ordinary Thursday for the Reno chocolate shop.