When you were young your parents may have told you that eating too much chocolate would make you sick. They were only partly correct!  There are many health benefits to eating chocolate as long as you don’t over-indulge. 

The following are some of the amazing benefits of eating chocolate:

1) Scientific test results show that eating one to two servings of dark chocolate a week can reduce the risk of heart failure.

2) Dark chocolate also acts as a natural cough suppressant, much like cough syrup. Although, unlike cough suppressants, chocolate won’t leave you feeling drowsy due to the theobromine in chocolate.

3) Dark chocolate can actually help you lose weight as well! It is light and filling, and may help lessen your desire to eat less salty and fatty foods.

4) Eating chocolate reduces stress! When you are overwhelmed or overworked, enjoy a few pieces of chocolate and it will help you relax. It has been proven that pregnant mothers who eat chocolate deal with stress better and actually have happier children once their babies are born. 

5) Clear, healthy skin is another positive result. Eating chocolate regularly also increases your skin’s ability to resist sunburn for a longer period of time.

6) Most importantly, eating dark chocolate leads to a higher level of intelligence. Chocolate boosts blood flow to the brain, increasing brain power and alertness for two to four hours. People that eat more dark chocolate have scored higher on cognitive tests than those who do not. 


What else could you ask for in this delicious food product? At Dorinda’s Chocolates, we search for the perfect combination of dark chocolate and natural ingredients. The Naked 70% is a perfect example!  Made of 70% dark chocolate ganache and hand rolled in 70% dark chocolate, this piece meets the requirements for benefiting your health and increasing your intelligence level! That means we should all just eat more chocolate!